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Though most births leave the mother unharmed, there are potential medical errors that can cause catastrophic, even fatal, injuries to an expectant or delivering mother. When a mother is seriously or fatally injured during birth, her family will also suffer from extreme worry or grief and be burdened with questions about what went wrong and who is at fault.

Speaking with an experienced medical malpractice attorney is a good way to begin addressing the many questions and concerns that will arise. The attorneys at Ray Gupta & Associates, LLC, in Schererville, Indiana, understand that you and your loved ones are facing a difficult time. We will treat you with compassion as we work to recover the compensation you need to pay medical bills and the measure of justice you need to move forward.

Our law firm represents clients in Lake County, Porter County and throughout Northwest Indiana & Illinois.

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Passionately Pursuing Justice On Behalf Of Injured Mothers

If you or your loved one has sustained a life-changing obstetric injury, we understand that pursuing legal action is not about money. It’s about justice. Unfortunately, the only way to create systemic change in the health care industry is by holding negligent doctors, hospitals, nurses and other health care providers financially accountable for their actions. Like you, our firm wants positive change to occur — that’s why we do what we do.

Our attorneys have represented numerous women who have been seriously injured following the preventable mistakes of health care professionals. For example, we represented a 25-year-old woman whose uterus ruptured during labor due to substandard care from her doctor. She will never be able to have children. We also represented a 35-year-old woman who lost her baby and her uterus after she was given too much Pitocin during labor.

Examples Of Injuries During Childbirth

So many things can go wrong during a birth. We will carefully review medical records to determine whether negligence or an error resulted in injuries, including:

  • Hemorrhage
  • Lack of oxygen leading to brain damage
  • C-section surgical errors
  • Ruptured uterus
  • Overdose of Pitocin and other labor-inducing drugs
  • Nerve and tissue damage from episiotomy
  • Bladder and other organ nicks
  • Vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC) injuries

Our attorneys are skilled in identifying the erroneous decisions and negligent actions that lead to catastrophic injuries and wrongful death during labor and delivery. At the initiation of your case, we will fully investigate the injury to identify every responsible party. We will collect relevant medical documentation, contact witnesses, consult with experts and meticulously prepare your case for trial. While we are highly skilled in complex negotiations, we are always ready to take your case to trial if appropriate.

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